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Moving with the times, popular sports brand Adidas have today announced the release of a new range of football boots.

The second largest sportswear company in the world made the announcement this morning, unveiling their new styles ahead of the 2019 winter codes season.

Notably, the new range will feature a new cutting-edge ‘NRL Boot,’ that will combine the added ankle support popular with modern day players, with the added ability to attach an electronic monitoring bracelet if required.

The new feature comes after the gelatishow that was the 2018-19 NRL offseason, which saw many of the games’ players land themselves in hot water.

The head of Adidas in Australia told The Advocate that they are expecting the new style to be a big hit.

“Our NRL Boot is the perfect bit of kit for the elite and semi-professional rugby league player on the Eastern Seaboard,” he explained.

“The flexibility the boot offers puts our rivals to shame, really.”

“It allows the authorities to monitor your behaviour if you have favourable bail conditions given to because you’re an NRL player, or if you are given a non-custodial sentence.”

“And if you just want to get used to the feel of it, just in case you do something crook during an end of season trip away down the track, then it’s the perfect boot for you.”